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Keep your Dispenser Diluter Up-To-Date

By Angela O'Connor on Wed 03 January 2018

Learn about how the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard makes us a better ally for you and your business.

ml600 new update

Hamilton has recently released an update for your ML600 that aims to fix general bugs. Check the following information about this latest upgrade:

Firmware FPGA Version: 3.03
Firmware Runtime Version: 1.84
Software Version: 2.0.6480.11941
Operating System Version: Microsoft Windows® CE 7.0.2806
Plug-in Versions

To update your Microlab 600 simply download the files below. Transfer the entire .ZIP file to the SD Card (do not extract the files) and run the System Update. You can find these steps explained in section of the Basic Microlab 600 Manual.

ml600 new update ml600 new update

Unsure of which file to download?

No problem! It all depends on what you need. To return the Microlab 600 to factory setting download and install the Fresh Install File. Please note that this will only install the original wizards and delete any extra Wizards/Plug-ins that have been installed.

Should you like to keep your wizards, simply download and install the Service Pack which will selectively upgrade the software and all installed plug-ins. If you need any help with these steps, feel free to contact our Technical Support Team.

Check out our website to learn more about the ML600 and for older ML600 updates visit the Hamilton Company Website.


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