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How to Take Off Reusable and Disposable Gloves Correctly

By Emma Foster on Mon 27 April 2020

Learn how to take off reusable and disposable gloves correctly.

Safely Remove Gloves

How to Take Off Reusable and Disposable Gloves

It is important for reusable and disposable gloves to be used the correct way to protect yourself against chemical and biological risks.

Don’t forget when putting on gloves:

  • Put on gloves with clean and dry hands
  • Inspect the gloves before using them
  • Avoid jewellery and long nails
  • Take off gloves if they are damaged and dispose of them
  • Make sure that you can identify your reusable gloves
  • Wash reusable gloves to avoid contamination
  • When using disposable gloves, do not dip your hands into chemical liquids
  • Throw disposable gloves away when finished and wash their hands

Download the guide on how to safely take off reusable and disposable gloves. 

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