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What do you know about Flow Chemistry?

By Joana Bernardo on Mon 20 August 2018

Join this free webinar from Syrris that aims to be an introduction to flow chemistry and its first principles. Be sure to register!

Are you a student or an experienced chemist looking to develop an understanding of what flow chemistry is? Or, simply want the opportunity to discuss your application with a flow chemistry expert?

Come join Syrris in a FREE interactive webinar that aims to be an introduction to flow chemistry and its first principles. You will get to see a live demo of a lab scale flow reactor in use, followed by a live Q & A session.


Andrew Mansfield, Head of Flow Chemistry at Syrris will be presenting the webinar, which will be taking place on Wednesday 12th September at 07:30 am GMT, and will repeat at 16:30 pm GMT.

Watch the 1st session taking place at 7:30 am GMT.

Watch the 2nd session at 16:30 pm GMT

Agenda Highlights:

  • What is Flow Chemistry?
  • Flow Chemistry vs Batch Chemistry
  • Key principles of Flow Chemistry
  • Types of Flow Chemistry
  • Live Q&A session

Register now and don’t miss the amazing opportunity to discover and discuss Flow Chemistry with leading flow chemistry experts.
Should you need more information, contact our Sales Team and be sure to check out the Flow Chemistry systems we have available.



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