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Anglian Water Optimizes Water Treatment with THM Analyzer

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 20 March 2018

Learn how the Trihalomethane Analyzer from Parker Hannifin helped the largest water company in England and Wales improve their processes.

Parker Hannifin released an application note regarding how their Trihalomethane (THM) Analyzer was able to help Anglian Water to optimise their processes.

In the paper, you can read how THM analysis can be quite costly and time consuming. It involves prepping the samples, sending them to the laboratory and waiting for the results. This approach means that the analysis data cannot be used for real time process control which can lead to harmful consequences in water safety. For companies and plants that are dealing with public water safety, such as Anglian Water, this called for a new strategy: the THM Analyzer.

The THM Analyzer provides rapid measurement of THMs in water. It is a time and cost saving solution for a water plant or facility, as it ensures safe drinking water without tedious sample preparation, allowing the analysis to be made on-site and within 30 minutes.

These features certainly appealed to Anglian Water when they started looking for an alternative to traditional THM analysis.

So, as we can read in the application note, when Anglian Water decided to change its strategy regarding their water treatment and supply processes, they installed a THM Analyzer. With this new approach, the company managed to improve their sampling processes by making them more time and cost efficient.

In the paper, you can also read what Mark Berry, Innovation Project Manager, at Anglian Water had to say regarding the The Parker THM Analyzer:

“Using the Parker THM analyser we are now able to measure THM concentrations inhouse, and in less than 30 minutes. We are currently analysing over 20 samples a week and have found the system to be very easy to use. Aside from the potential cost-saving benefits, the much faster analysis capabilities provide scope for further improvements in operational efficiency.”

Read the application in full and watch the video to see the THM in action.

Should you like more information regarding the THM Analyzer, please contact our Environmental Sales Specialist.


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