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Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen Monitoring: Keeping the Lab Safe
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To keep up with the ever increasing use of CO2 in labs it is imperative to have a good carbon dioxide monitoring system in place, as CO2 is dangerous, even at relatively low levels.
The Analox AX60 carbon dioxide monitor gives you reliable measurements of the CO2 concentration in the laboratory. This carbon dioxide monitor has 3 different alarm phases - pre-alarm, main alarm & disturbance - with 3 preset alarm limits at 0.5%, 1.5% and 3% CO2.

Main Features of the AX60 Carbon Dioxide Monitor:
- No calibration required (unless local regulations state otherwise)
- Very long life sensor can last up to 15 years
- Up to 4 x CO2 sensors and 8 x CO2 alarms can be used per Central Display Unit

CO2 is not the only dangerous gas in Labs. The use of enriched O2 also poses as a risk of fire to the lab and hyperoxia to personnel.

The Safe-Ox+™ & O2NE+™ Oxygen monitors, or gas detectors, from Analox prevent not only the potential risks of very high levels of O2 in the lab, but of dangerously low levels of O2 concentration as well - which can occur in case of leakage of N2(Nitrogen), LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen), He (Helium) or Ar (Argon).

Main Features of the Safe-Ox+™ & O2NE+™:
- Long life, low drift sensor lasts up to 7 years
- Simple to read "OK", "Alarm" and "Fault" indication
- Assist in compliance with Exposure Limit regulations

To find out more information about the carbon & oxygen monitors, check out our range of supplies for Air Sampling and Analysis or contact a member of our Technical Sales Team.
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