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How to Mix the Best Ice-Cream?
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Brookfield Ametek - leading company in material characterization, viscosity, rheology, texture and powder flow - has released an article explaining the 3 main tests dairy processors should perform to create a better ice-cream mix.

As ice-cream formulations have evolved to incorporate a number of different flavours & textures, “the use of instrumentation [to measure product consistency] has become critical in manufacturing to ensure that high quality standards are achieved.”brookfield-viscosity-ice-cream.jpg
Standard test equipment includes rotational bench top Viscometers and Rheometers.

According to the article, the 3 tests are:

1. Viscosity Flow Curve - rotating the spindle at increasing speed to observe how viscosity changes;

2. Viscosity vs. Temperature Profile - how viscosity behaviour changes because of temperature variations, like in cooking and refrigerating;

3. Yield stress determination - how much force is needed to initiate flow, and important measurement as it “can correlate with consumer experience when spooning the frozen product and possibly even sensation in your mouth when eating ice cream”.

The article also suggests that other tests for temperature behaviour or yield stress are less likely, but may be specified when processing premium brands. Download to read the article in full!

Should you like to know more about viscosity or any of the instruments depicted in the article, please contact a member of our Sales Team!

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