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Latest Changes in borer SDS & Deconex 21
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borer advanced cleaning solutions have recently issued three change notifications regarding some alterations in their material safety data sheets and labelling.

SDS Classification & Labelling

The first one is concerning a change in the classification and labelling of their products. In the notification, the company states that the reason for this was “due to the continuous harmonization of the classification and labelling of substances by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the related adjustments to the classification of raw materials.”
These changes will be effective immediately and concern the following parts:
Deconex 11, deconex 12 BASIC, deconex 12 PA-x, deconex 15 NF and deconex 26 Mineralacid.
Download PDF for full list of affected parts.

ATE-values Replacing LD50-values

Secondly, and also with immediate effect, the cleaning solutions company is letting customers know that due to harmonization activities according to new CLP regulation, the previous LD50-values will be replaced by ATE-values (Acute Toxicity Estimates).

Temperature sensitivity of deconex® 21 LIQ

Finally, the last notification regards their product deconex® 21 LIQ, which will now be labelled as sensitive to cold.

The company states that despite this change, there are no consequences for the application of the product, as no changes were made to the formulation or the manufacturing procedure. Therefore, the product performance has not been altered. borer go on to clarify that “the change will be taken into account in the relevant product documentation available for the customers.”

Parts affected are as follows:
4AJ-6270185 - deconex® 21 LIQ, 6 kg-canister liquid UN 3266, 8, III, (E)
4AJ-6235575 - deconex® 21 LIQ, 12 kg-canister liquid UN 1760, 8, II, (E)

If you have any questions about these changes or any other borer / Deconex product, please contact our Customer Support Team.
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