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Guard columns for EC colums NUCLEOCEL DELTA S, 5µm

NUCLEOCEL DELTA enantiomer separation based on cellulose derivatives

base material silica,
chiral selector Cellulosetris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) - USP L40
similar phases: Chiralcel® OD, Kromasil®, CelluCoat™, Eurocel® 01
standard particle size 10µm

S-Type for high resolution, allows use of shorter columns (150 mm) for faster separations, pressure stability up to 150 bar (2000 psi)

NUCLEOCEL DELTA for normal phase applications:
eluent in column n-heptane - propanol-2 (90:10, v/v)
typical eluents are heptane - propanol mixtures

NUCLEOCEL DELTA-RP for reversed phase applications:
eluent in column acetonitrile - water (40:60), v/v)
designed for use either in polar organic mode or with eluents containing high concentrations of chaotropic salts such as perchlorate

recommended applications: pharmaceutically active compounds, chiral pollutants (e. g. herbicides, PCB), chiral compounds in food (dyes, preservatives), chiral catalysts and bioorganic compounds.

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