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Brand Singlechannel Transferpette 20-200µl 705313

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Brand Singlechannel Transferpette 20-200µl 705313
Brand Singlechannel Transferpette 20-200µl 705313
PART NO. 4AJ-4000173
List Price: £338.58

with AC charger (UK/Ireland),

Single channel microliter pipettes, Transferpette® electronic, variable
The optimal design, the arrangement of the operating keys and the adjustable finger rest allow the motorized Transferpette® electronic to be tailored to the shape of your hand.
- motor-driven, to reduce the risk of RSI and imprecision/inaccuracy caused by operator variability
- five operating modes: Pipetting mode, Reverse pipetting, Mixing, Dispensing, Gel-electrophoresis modes
- Easy Calibration function for rapid adjustment of the unit without tools
- extremely fast pipetting speed
- simple, in-lab maintenance
- completely autoclavable pipette shafts and multichannel manifolds
- NiMH rechargeable battery pack and battery regeneration-mode
- CE-marked

Every single-channel Transferpette® electronic is supplied with its own power supply unit. As an alternative the three-pipette accessory stand can charge up to three instruments at the same time. With the charging stand, individual chargers are not needed.

Items supplied: Transferpette® electronic, DE-M marking, with performance certificate, battery, 230V / 50Hz power supply adapter (with continental European plug, alternative versions available on request), silicone grease.

Product Specification:
Capacity: 20 - 200 µl
Increments: 0.2 µl
Tip: 2 - 200, 5 - 300, 2 - 20*, 5 - 100*, 5 - 200* µl
Accuracy max. vol.: 0.8 (± R%)
Precision max. vol.: 0.2 (≤ CV%)
Connector: UK
* Filter tips

Catalogue Number4.000 173
Manufacturer P/n705313
Accuracy max. vol. (± R%)0.8
Increments µl0.2
Tip µl2 - 200, 5 - 300, 2 - 20*, 5 - 100*, 5 - 200*
Capacity µl10 - 200
Precision max. vol. (£ CV%)0.2
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