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Macherey-Nagel Silylation reagent MSTFA 12x100ml 701270.12100

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Macherey-Nagel Silylation reagent MSTFA 12x100ml 701270.12100
Macherey-Nagel Silylation reagent MSTFA 12x100ml 701270.12100
PART NO. 4AJ-4001492

Macherey-Nagel Derivitisation agent for Gas Chromatography, UN 3316, Chemical Kit 9 II 1.2 kg|L ADR/GGVSE M11, ADR
3.3.1/251: LQ 7 = 10 kg PAX+CAO 915

Silylation reagents - MSTFA
m.w. 199.1, Bp 70°C (75mm Hg), density d20°/4° = 1.11
MSTFA: R' = CF3, R'' = CH3
the most volatile trimethylsilyl amide available
very strong TMS donor which does not cause any noticeable fouling of the FID burning chamber even after long-time measuring series
The already good solution characteristics can be improved by addition of submolar quantities of protic solvents (e.g. TFA for extremely polar compounds such as hydrochlorides) or pyridine (e.g. for carbohydrates).

recommended application: carboxylic acids, hydroxy and ketocarboxylic acids, amino acids, amines, alcohols, polyalcohols, sugars, mercaptans and similar compounds with active hydrogen atoms. Even amine hydrochlorides can be silylated directly.
Advantages: complete reaction with high reaction rates, even without a catalyst (1 to 2% TMCS or TSIM)
the by-product of the reaction (N-methyltrifluoroacetamide) features high volatility and short retention time.

Product Specification:
Product Description: MSTFA
Capacity: 100 ml

Catalogue Number4.001 492
Manufacturer P/n701270.12100
Capacity ml100
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