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Macherey-Nagel MN LIPODEX E 50m X 0.25mm PROP 723368.50

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Macherey-Nagel MN LIPODEX E 50m X 0.25mm PROP 723368.50
Macherey-Nagel MN LIPODEX E 50m X 0.25mm PROP 723368.50
PART NO. 4AJ-4002926

Macherey Nagel Capillary GC Column

LIPODEX® E · octakis-(2,6-di-O-pentyl-3-O-butyryl)-g-cyclodextrin
LIPODEX® cyclodextrin phase for enantiomer separation

base material: cyclic oligosaccharide consisting of eight glucose units bonded through a-1,4-linkages (y-cylodextrin) regioselective alkylation and acylation of the hydroxyl groups leads to a lipophilic phase, which is well suited for GC enantiomer analyses; important advantage: many compounds can be analysed without derivatisation (however, for certain substances enantioselectivity can be favourably influenced by formation of derivatives)

LIPODEX® E is suitable for a broad application range.
recommended for a-amino acids, a- and b-hydroxycarboxylic acid esters, alcohols (TFA), diols (TFA), ketones, pheromones (cyclic acetals), amines, alkyl halides, lactones.

max. temperature for isothermal operation: 200°C, max. temperature for short isotherms in a temperature programme: 220°C

Product Specification:
Int. diam.: 0.25 mm
Ext. diam.: 0.4 mm
Length: 50 m

Catalogue Number4.002 926
Manufacturer P/n723368.50
Outer diam. mm0.4
Length m50
Int. diam. mm0.25
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