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Cole-Parmer (PCRmax) QPCR Reagent Kit, RNA PKIT07008M

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Cole-Parmer (PCRmax) QPCR Reagent Kit, RNA PKIT07008M
Cole-Parmer (PCRmax) QPCR Reagent Kit, RNA PKIT07008M
PART NO. 4AJ-4658879
Price: £804.97

QPCR Reagent Kit, RNA Hepatitis A virus (with Mastermix)

qPCR-Kits and Regents, Delta-Seek
The Delta Seek detection kits utilise the sensitivity and speed of hydrolysis probes and qPCR to get the most accurate data as quickly as possible. Each of the over 400 targets are specifically designed to ensure the broadest possible detection profile and detection of all clinically relevant strains and subtypes. All test kits are validated in house on multiple qPCR platforms to ensure cross platform functionality. Kits come with negative and positive control samples.
All Delta Seek reagents are lyophilised simplifying the transportation and storage of the kits. Kits are stable at ambient temperatures for 18 months.
Custom Designs possible upon request.

Product Specification:
Format: Hydrolysis Probes
Dye: FAM (target) and VIC (internal controls), other dye sets are available
Shipment: Ambient
Shipment state: Lyophilised
Description:RNA, Hepatitis A virus (with Mastermix)

Catalogue Number4.658 879
ManufacturerCole-Parmer (PCRmax)
Manufacturer P/nPKIT07008M
DescriptionRNA, Hepatitis A virus (with Mastermix)
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