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Canvax pOnebyOne™ I - Retroviral Mammalian Bicistronic Expression Kit ME0013-S

Canvax pOnebyOne™ I - Retroviral Mammalian Bicistronic Expression Kit ME0013-S


pOnebyOne™ I - Retroviral Mammalian Bicistronic Expression Kit, extremely efficient lineal vector ready-to-clone your pcr gene and express your protein of interest

pOnebyOne™ are extremely efficient, accurate and flexible Bicistronic Mammalian Expression Kits that contains an expression cassette based in 2A sequence Breakthrough technology. The expression cassette of pOnebyOne™ I - Retroviral incorporates the cytomegalovirus early promoter that precedes 2A sequence in frame with the truncated nerve growth factor receptor (?NGFR). ?NGFR is a complete solution to select positive clones. It can be visualized by cytometry using a specific antibody labelled with FITC or using a similar method and also, it can be enriched from negative clones with magnetic beads bearing anti-?NGFR antibody.

Main Features:

Complete solution: a directional cloning vector to clone and produce a protein of interest. Breakthrough technology: based in 2A sequence simultaneous expression of two proteins in mammalian cells (a protein of interest and reporter). Highly efficient: cloning system tested with up to 4 kb inserts. Time-saving cloning process: linearized vector ready-to-mix with your PCR fragment. Easy-to-use: facilitates the selection of positive cells expressing the recombinant gene of interest. Cost avoidance: avoids the use of restriction enzymes. Accurate: proven performance for most common cell lines. Flexible: allows transfection in difficult cell lines. Really low experimental background: lower than 1%. Convenient: available with different resistance marker cassettes. Directional cloning: of PCR with the gene of interest. Reporter checking: stoichiometric amount of your protein of interest and a reporter protein. Risk-free: product covered by Canvax Quality 100% Guarantee.

Includes: Includes for 20 rxn: - 20 µL Linearized vector (50 ng/µL) - 40 µL Glue Enzyme (10 u/µL) - 50 µL Glue Enzyme Buffer (10x) - 10 µL Insert Control (30 ng/µL) - 5 µL pOnebyOne™ Control (50 ng/µL)

Applications: Introduction of DNA in retractile transfection cell lines. Co-expression of your gene of interest and a reporter gene.

Format: 10 rxn
Shipping conditions: Gel Pack
Storage Conditions: -20ºC
Manufacturer P/nME0013-S