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DissoClean Mark II Automated Drainage DCM2-CE1 Uniflex

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DissoClean Mark II Automated Drainage DCM2-CE1 Uniflex
DissoClean Mark II Automated Drainage DCM2-CE1 Uniflex

Utilizing the drainage pumps waste in the waste tank is drained into a sink or drainage area using a hose that can be of any length. By automating the evacuation of the waste tank using the DissoClean pumps, the process is faster and cleaner. Main Features:
- Approx. 1 minute to clean 6 vessels
- In-place vessel clean-up: cleans 6 vessels in just 1 minute
- Repositioning validation no longer required
- 3-nozzle washer assembly
- Adjust for in-line or right angle use
- Nozzles operate simultaneously or independently
- Electronically Controlled Wash/Drain Cycle Operate Nozzles Simultaneously or Individually
- Fits All Tester Vessels Regardless of Manufacturer
- Quick Release Connectors
- Fully Mobile

Electrical Power: 100-240V / 50-60Hz 10A
Dimensions: 22”(w) x 31”(d) x 31(h) (W55cm / D79cm / H79.5cm)
Weight: 95kg -full (Approx. 210lbs)
Ceramic Top
Tanks: 2 x 55 liters (14.5gal)
Vessels Washed Per Tank: 96 vessels at 4sec
Injection Volume: Approximately 140ml/sec
Recommended Washing Time: 4sec
Recommended Drainage Time: 11sec
Recommended Normal Wash: Once
Recommended Surfactant Wash: 3-4times
Manufacturer P/nDCM2-CE1
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