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Xylem - WTW inoLab Oxi 7310 Meter Set 4 1BA304

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Xylem - WTW inoLab Oxi 7310 Meter Set 4 1BA304
Xylem - WTW inoLab Oxi 7310 Meter Set 4 1BA304

Professional dissolved oxygen meter, menu controlled, for measurements/documentation according GLP/AQA. For AC and battery operation. Meter with kit including with StirrOx®G self-stirring oxygen sensor, cleaning solution,electrolyte, polishing stripe, replacement membrane caps, universal power supply, stand, operation manual, software and USB cable.

Oxygen meter inoLab® Oxi 7310
The new inoLab® benchtops are perfectly designed for modern laboratory surroundings. The key pads are clearly outlined and easy-to-operate, their smooth surfaces are easy-to-clean and the operation is self-explanatory. All meters include a universal power supply and a convenient stand with sensor support. If desired they can be ordered in application oriented sets including sensors and accessories.
Reliable Documentation for dissolved oxygen measurement, if desired also available with built-in printer. This is the inoLab® Oxi 7310 or inoLab® Oxi 7310P. A modern backlit graphic display with menu controlled user interface allows easy and intuitive operation. The mini USB-B interface provides fast data transfer to a PC. The internal memory can record up to 5000 GLP complying data including ID, date and time. The housing and the keypad are easy-to-clean. The inoLab® Oxi 7310 supports the long proven WTW galvanic sensors, CellOx® 325 and StirrOx® G. A calibration history of the 10 last calibrations allows conclusions on the state of the sensor. Calibrations versus external standards e.g. Winkler titration, are possible, too. The meter includes automatic barometric pressure and temperature compensation. An integrated thermal printer (58 mm width) is ready for printout of the measured data (option). The scope of delivery includes meter, stand, power supply and USB cable.
Ranges: All values+/-1 digit
Dissolved oxygen concentration: 0.00 1/4 20.00 mg/l +/- 0.5 % Mw.
0 1/4 90 mg/L +/- 0.5 %
Saturation: 0.0 1/4200.0% +/- 0.5 % v. Mw.
0 1/4 600 % +/- 0.5 v Mw.
Partial pressure: 0 1/4 200.0 hPa, 0 1/41250 hPa
Temperature: -5.0 1/4 105.0 °C +/- 0,1 °C
Calibration: 1-point air calibration (water vapour saturated air) or versus external standard
Calibration memory: Up to 10 calibrations recallable
Display: Backlit graphic LCD
Logger: manual 5/5000 automatic
manual/time controlled
Interface Mini USB-B
Power supply Universal power supply, 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 x 1.5 V AA

Product Specification:
Product Type: Oxi 7310 Set 4
Description: Meter including StirrOx® G and accessories

Catalogue Number9.920 110
ManufacturerXylem - WTW
Manufacturer P/n1BA304
DescriptionMeter including StirrOx® G and accessories
TypeOxi 7310 Set 4
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