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Xylem - WTW Mo-1 TP Molybdenum MO 251407

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Xylem - WTW Mo-1 TP Molybdenum MO 251407
Xylem - WTW Mo-1 TP Molybdenum MO 251407
PART NO. X-251407
List Price: £99.00

Photometric test kit for measurement of Molybdenum Mo

Number of tests: 100 (Powder Pillows)
Sample volume required: 10ml

Compatible with photometers:
pHotoFlex 0.0 - 35.0 mg/l Mo

Additional information:

Model 00860: Brompyrogallolrot; Model Mo-1 TP: Thioglycol acid

Nutrient solutions for fertilization, process solutions, boiler water and boiler feed water, waste water

Photometer photoLab® and pHotoFlex®, stored test programs
A: Stored in photoLab® S6, S12, photoLab® 6000 Serie and photoLab® Spektral
B: Stored in photoLab® S12, photoLab® 6000 Serie and photoLab® Spektral
C: Stored in pHotoFlex® STD, pHotoFlex® pH and pHotoFlex® Turb
D: Stored in photoLab® 6000 series

Reagent-free tests:
Cu - copper plating bath, 690nm, 820nm - copper plating bath - B
CrO3 - chromium plating bath - chromium plating bath - B
Ni - nickel plating bath - nickel plating bath - B
HZ - Hazen colour - Hazen colour - B
IFZ - iodine number, 340nm, 455nm - iodine number - B
m-1 (DFZ) - colouring - FB445 - B, C
m-1 (DFZ) - colouring - FB525 - A, C
m-1 (DFZ) - colouring - FB620 - B, C
FAU - turbidity 620 - T620 - B
E - extinction - extinction - A, B, C
SAK - Spectral absorption coefficient at 254 and 436nm photoLab® 6100 VIS (436nm) and photoLab® 6600 UV-VIS (254/436nm)

Further tests on demand, range information is based on max. range and can also be smaller for pHotoFlex®.

Product Specification:
Product Type: Mo-1 TP
Description: Mo, Molybdenum
For: C, D
Measuring range: 0.0 - 35.0 mg / l
No. of determinations: 100

Catalogue Number9.920 965
ManufacturerXylem - WTW
Manufacturer P/n251407
DescriptionMo, Molybdenum
Measuring range mg / l0.0 - 35.0
ForC, D
TypeMo-1 TP
No. of determinations100
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