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YSI EXO1 Sonde 10m depth 4 sensor ports 599501-04

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YSI EXO1 Sonde 10m depth 4 sensor ports 599501-04
YSI EXO1 Sonde 10m depth 4 sensor ports 599501-04
PART NO. X-599501-04

EXO 1 Sonde, 10 meter vented level depth, 4 sensor ports - Depth range 0 - 10m - Contains: Sonde, 2 Din batteries, Calibration Cup, Tool Kit, 2 Port Plugs - USB drive loaded with manual and KOR software
The EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform includes the versatile multiparameter EXO1 sonde for estuarine, surface water, or ground water applications.

Smart Sondes and Sensors

Extremely versatile instrument, the sond allows the user to automatically configure it with different sensor for different applications in minutes.

Key Benefits
High-accuracy sensors with on-board memory
Wireless communications
Fast response times for profiling and sampling
Seamless integration into marine, estuarine, freshwater and ground water monitoring systems.
Rugged and durable
Wet mateable connectors resist corrosion
Isolated components prevent short circuits
Welded housings and double o-rings prevent leaks
High-impact plastic and titanium resists breaking
Built-in antifouling systems protect data integrity
Low power consumption extends underwater deployments.

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