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Multiparameter Meter ProDSS

Multiparameter Meter

Multiparameter Meter ProDSS

Multiparameter Meter ProDSS

The YSI ProDSS multiparameter meter is a portable water quality instrument that can be used for the measurement of several critical parameters. The multiparameter meter allows for extreme flexibility with two main cable options. The choice is between the fully loaded 4-port cable assembly fitted with any four DSS sensors or the ODO/CT probe and cable. This allows for accurate DO measurements every time with an optical dissolved oxygen sensor for real-time salinity compensation.

The ProDSS multiparameter meter is designed for applications like surface water, groundwater, coastal, aquaculture and wastewater as the rugged yet reliable ProDSS design allows for the measurement of water quality with digital sensors. The water quality parameter meter uses smart sensor technology so that the sensors can be automatically recognised by the handheld meter when retaining calibration data.

The ProDSS goes above and beyond customers’ demands in water quality parameter monitoring as it can also measure depth and uses GPS coordinates. For a complete customization of the ProDSS, there are optional GPS and depth options along with a wide range of cables and sensors, sold separately. There are military spec connectors, IP-67 waterproof rating, rubber over-molded case and 1-meter drop tests to ensure that the rugged design provides years of sampling no matter what the conditions.

Main Features:

- Single cable design that go up to 100 metres in length

- User-replacement cables means versatility as well as reduction in time and cost

- Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power handheld and sensors

- Color display and backlit keypad for easy use

- Menu-driven operation

- Digital smart sensors are automatically recognized by the instrument

- Large memory with extensive site lists and Data ID tag capabilities

- KorDSS software (included) and USB on-the-go connector assist with data management

- Global positioning system (optional)

- Rugged, waterproof case (IP-67 rated) with rubber over-mold and metal, military-spec (MS) cable connectors as well as rugged titanium sensors

- Multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, and Thai

- 3-year instrument warranty; 2 year cable warranty (sensor warranties vary)

Customers Review:

"Having assessed the range of multi parameter instruments available on the market we selected the ProDSS due to the numerous parameter combinations available with a single monitor. No other competitor unit could come close to offering the versatility available with the ProDSS.

Having used the ProDSS in the field, on extended environmental monitoring/data collection, we can testify to the versatility, ruggedness and simplicity in configuration and use of this instrument. An essential investment for multi parameter monitoring/data recording tasks."

- Morefish Research Programme NUIG/AIT

Water Quality Parameters Available:

The water quality parameters that the multiparameter meter has available are:

Dissolved Oxygen (optical); Turbidity; Total Algae-Phycocyanin; Total Algae-Phycoerythrin; pH; ORP/Redox; Conductivity; Specific Conductance; Salinity; Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); Resistivity; Seawater Density; Total Suspended Solids (TSS); Depth; GPS Coordinates; Ammonium; Ammonia; Chloride; Nitrate; Temperature and; Barometric Pressure.

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