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Funnel Stands from Bürkle
Meet the LaboPlast® Laboratory Funnel Stand from Bürkle. User friendly with new magnet concept that allows you to safely secure your clamps without any clamping screws. Continue Reading...
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Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen Monitoring: Keeping the Lab Safe
Both Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen can pose as threats to the safety in your Lab. How can you measure air safety in the lab?Continue Reading...
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Alicat Expands Flow Meters and Controllers Communication Offers
Alicat Scientific expands its communications protocol offerings, adding EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet as options on its line of mass flow, pressure, and liquid instrumentation. Continue Reading...
Smart, Reusable Bottle for Cell Culture Media Preparation
DURAN® TILT is designed for making work in biosafety cabinets and clean hoods safer and easier!Continue Reading...
The All Weather Rotary Shaker
Have you met the Rotator Genie™ from Scientific Industries that is ideal for both cold room and incubator liquid mixing? Continue Reading...
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Celebrate 40 Years of Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ Gold Columns
Thermo Scientific™ is celebrating 40 years of Hypersil™ Gold Columns and you can be part of the celebration!Continue Reading...
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New Shelf Life for deconex® Products
Borer Chemie advanced cleaning solutions has issued a Change notification regarding the shelf life of deconex products.Continue Reading...
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Hamilton HPLC bulk polymer resins: Package change
Read the company's recently issued Package Change Notification regarding HPLC bulk polymer
resins.Continue Reading...
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deconex® 21 LIQ: Product Change Notification
borer advanced cleaning solutions have recently issued a Product Change Notification regarding the Specification of deconex® 21 LIQ.Continue Reading...
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Top 5 factors for choosing the right glove
According to the HSE there are 5 main factors to consider when choosing the right type of protective glove. Continue Reading...
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