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Holiday Season Business Hours

By Joana Bernardo on Thu 12 December 2019

See our Opening Hours for this Holiday Season!

Why Elastomers Matter in Bioreactors?

By Joana Bernardo on Thu 28 November 2019 in Home

Biocompatible wetted materials are important to avoid contamination of the bioreactor environment. Learn about the importance of these components in Bioprocessing applications, with this article from Alicat Scientific - the leading company in flow solutions.

How YSI Sensors Work for in-situ Water Testing

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 29 October 2019 in Home

Watch a webinar series, made in partnership with Cleveland Water Alliance, covering the principles and practices in water quality monitoring, regarding YSI's Algae, Turbidity, Conductivity, pH & ORP, as well as Dissolved Oxygen sensors.

Do you know how Dissolved Oxygen Sensors work? A FREE Webinar

By Joana Bernardo on Mon 07 October 2019

From sustaining aquatic life to the tight control of wastewater treatment, DO plays a role in nearly every water quality application. Join YSI experts on October 8th for a FREE webinar centred on the YSI Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensors.

Environment Ireland 2019: The Must-Attend Conference for Ireland’s Environment

By Joana Bernardo on Thu 26 September 2019

Lab Unlimited to be present at Ireland’s major environmental policy and management conference | 2nd of October | Croke Park | Dublin

Find Out How Important it is to Measure pH and ORP

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 03 September 2019

FREE Webinar, September 10th, 6pm Irish Time, centred on the YSI pH and ORP Sensors. This is the fourth in a 5-part series of webinars being jointly provided by YSI and Cleaveland Water Alliance, covering the principles and practices of YSI Sensors in water quality monitoring.

Mission: Water - THE Magazine for All Water Related Issues

By Joana Bernardo on Mon 26 August 2019

Published by leading water and environmental company YSI, this magazine features the world’s most current water issues and how people are tackling these ever-important challenges.

New Generation of Glass Lab Bottles

By Joana Bernardo on Thu 22 August 2019

Meet the award winning YOUTILITY Lab Bottle System from DURAN. Ergonomicaly designed to provide a safer and more comfortable user experience, this DURAN media bottle is not your regular laboratory bottle: it's a whole system!

Does Your Temperature Control Application Need More Power?

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 20 August 2019

Meet the New CORIO CP range of refrigerated & heating circulators from JULABO, with extended temperature range, higher pump capacity & 3-point Absolute Temperature Calibration.

Predictions for Continuous Flow Chemistry

By Joana Bernardo on Thu 15 August 2019

What does the future hold for Continuous Processing & Flow Chemistry? Find all the answers and predictions from Syrris' Head of Flow Chemistry, Andrew Mansfield, in this article!

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