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PRESTO: Faster Heating & Cooling, More Control
Covering a working temperature range of -92°C to +250°C the PRESTO range from JULABO provides great heating & cooling performance by rapidly compensating temperature changes in your application. Learn more about PRESTO Today!
Are you Struggling with Dissolved Oxygen Field Sampling?
Not anymore! Meet the ProSolo: YSI's best handheld DO Meter! It combines unmatched durability with the most advanced DO technology on the market. Learn more about the ProSolo!
Do You Know How Turbidity Sensors Work?
Turbidity is a measure of water clarity - but do you know what that really means or what are the impacts on environmental and water treatment processes? Join YSI experts on July 9th for a webinar focused on Turbidity sensors, principles and practice in water quality monitoring.Register Today!
How Important are Thermal Bath Fluids for Your Application?
The choice of the right bath fluid is key to ensure optimal temperature control results. The JULABO Thermal Bath Fluids provide maximum performance of your temperature control units, guaranteeing a safe and reliable operation. But how to choose the right Fluids for your application? Continue Reading...
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Immunology Without Borders
Lab Unlimited will be present at the British Society for Immunology's Ulster Immunology Group 'Immunology without borders' meeting, taking place on 13th & 14th June 2019 in Belfast.Continue Reading...
Do You Know How Algae Sensors Work?
YSI & Cleaveland Water Alliance produced a 5-part series of free educational webinars, covering the principles and practices of the YSI Sensors in water quality monitoring. The series will start off with a webinar about the Algae sensors, on June 11. Register Today!
5 Benefits of Automated Chemistry Systems
Struggling to create reproducible chemistry, monitor your manual reactions and replicate them reliably over and over again? Be sure to read this article from Syrris on the benefits that automated chemistry can bring to your lab!Continue Reading...
How Deployment Location Affects Your Water Monitoring
Did you know that all the time and effort you put into preparing your sonde for deployment will be wasted if you place it in a location that has not had any protection or preparation.Continue Reading...
Cost Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Temperature Control Solutions
The PRESTO bath circulators from JULABO are designed to work in wide temperature ranges with one and the same thermal fluid. Good for You and the Environment: No more frequent bath fluid changes, and you can significantly reduce your stock costs! Continue Reading...
May Bank Holiday Business Hours
See our Opening Hours for this Early May Bank Holiday!Continue Reading...
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