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Important Update on Our Meckenheim Warehouse

By Emma Foster on Fri 23 July 2021 in Home

You may be aware heavy rainfall and flooding have wreaked devastation across parts of western Europe resulting in floods in many areas. As a result, there are significant delays from our Meckenheim warehouse.

Want to Upgrade Your Analytical Instruments?

By Emma Foster on Fri 14 May 2021

Get the best offer when trading in your old analytical instruments. If you trade in any brand of meter, you will receive a massive 10% off a new WTW Meter.

Looking to Upgrade Your Viscometer?

By Emma Foster on Mon 12 April 2021

Let us provide you with the best trade in offer. If you trade in any brand of viscometer, you will receive a massive 15% off a new Brookfield Viscometer.

Improving Polystyrene Production with Continuous Flow Chemistry

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

Chemists are searching for new approaches to increase the quality of polystyrene production, from increasing efficiency to lowering costs and waste, and continuous flow polymerization may well be the solution. Moving to small tubes and glass microreactor chips instead of switching to a larger-scale bulk process to increase efficiency may seem counter-intuitive, but the additional control that researchers are gaining with lab scale flow chemistry equipment offers a convincing reason to change your mind about scale up.

The Rise of Biocatalysis in Continuous Flow Chemistry

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

Continuous Flow Biocatalysis is quickly gaining traction among chemists, with applications in the production of fine chemicals, drugs, biotherapeutics, and biofuels to name a few. This is reflected in the increased knowledge of these techniques in industry and academia, as well as the implementation of flow techniques in modern laboratories. So, why should you perform continuous flow biocatalysis?

Continuous Flow Microreactors in Nanoparticle Synthesis

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

Organic synthesis has been the main priority of all studies carried out on flow chemistry equipment, and the benefits and reasons to perform flow chemistry are now well known and recorded. It is worth noting that these advantages can also be extended to other fields such as biofuels, petrochemistry, and nanoparticle synthesis.

Electrochemistry Made Easy with Continuous Flow Chemistry Techniques

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

Even though electrochemistry offers tremendous benefits to synthetic organic chemists, it is rarely used in modern labs because of the lack of suitable equipment that enables non-electrochemists to perform this chemistry in a ‘convenient’ manner. Therefore, chemists will need an easier, more user-friendly way to access this technique for it to become more widely accepted as a routine procedure.

Solid Phase Catalysis in Continuous Flow Chemistry

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being used up in the reaction, enabling it to be recycled during the process. In continuous flow chemistry, a catalyst is often inserted in a packed bed reactor, and the reaction mixture is pushed thought the reactor using suitable pumping systems.

How to Automate Your Chemistry

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

In this article, Dr. Stephen Heffernan, a Batch Chemistry Applications Specialist and also Product Manager for the Atlas HD family of automated chemical reactors at Syrris, discusses the issues chemists face when using conventional chemistry and round-bottom flasks, as well as their solutions. He also explains how advanced lab technology can help you conduct more consistent, efficient, and repeatable chemistry even when you're not in the lab.

Water Quality Instruments and How to Store Them Correctly

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021

Water quality instruments are seasonal as over the course of the winter months, data collection must stop due to the conditions in rivers and lakes. Until the spring when water quality testing can continue, all water quality equipment must be stored safely. What is the best way to store the water testing equipment for a long period of time?

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