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Carl Stuart Group Acquisition by Calibre Scientific

By Emma Foster on Tue 26 October 2021 in Home

Carl Stuart Group are pleased to announce our acquisition by Calibre Scientific, a diversified global provider of life science reagents, tools, instruments, and other consumables to the lab research, diagnostics, industrial, and biopharmaceutical communities.

The Working Principles of Gas Mixers

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

Many industrial processes, consumer applications, and academic studies require finely tuned gas mixtures to guarantee their success. This article focuses on the role of gas mixers and how they work.

Oxygen Sensor: What are the Best Practices for Calibration?

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

The best practices of oxygen sensor calibration can vary between device types and different manufacturers. Despite this diversity, all methods of oxygen sensor calibration typically adhere to the same set of underlying principles.

Gas Sensor Calibration: Things to Bear in Mind

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

This article will focus on some vital points to bear in mind when it comes to gas sensor calibration so that you can ensure your gas flow system is running safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Gas Mixing: What is the Right Process Equipment for your Gas Mixing Applications?

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

Gas mixing, or gas blending, is integral to a wide range of application areas from sensor development and calibration to laser systems. Read more about gas mixing systems and the right equipment for your processes.

Why You Should Choose Hard-Shell PCR Microplates

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

Microplates are currently utilized for quantitative and qualitative high-throughput screening and research all around the world. Why should you choose to use hard-shell PCR microplates over standard ones?

How Microplate Sealing Films Handle Pressure

By Emma Foster on Thu 21 October 2021

Microplates are widely utilized in research, academia, and industry for quantitative analysis and testing of analytes and biochemical processes. In this article, there is a focus on what exactly microplate sealing films are and how they handle the pressure.

What is the Use of a Texture Analyser?

By Emma Foster on Wed 06 October 2021

A Texture Analyser has many different uses. This article demonstrates the role of a texture analyser during a crush test and its results.

Three Wrong Assumptions Made About Water Quality Monitoring

By Emma Foster on Thu 30 September 2021

Dr. Stephanie A. Smith in this article is talking about a three assumptions people have when it comes to testing the water quality.

Anatomy of pH Electrodes

By Emma Foster on Wed 29 September 2021

What are pH electrodes and how do they work? In this article, you will learn about methods of pH measurement and their structure.

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