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Evaluating Tablet Coating with a Texture Analyser

By Truc Ta on Wed 21 February 2024

Discover the Role of Texture Analysis in Tablet Manufacturing: From Assessing Mechanical Characteristics to Coating Adhesion Strength. Learn how Texture Analysers optimize quality control. 

Moisture Analysers: Tips for Moisture Content Analysis

By Truc Ta on Wed 07 February 2024 in Home

Master moisture content analysis with moisture analysers and balances. Learn best practices and choose the right model for your industry.

Monitoring water quality of Zambezi River YSI EXO2

By Truc Ta on Wed 07 February 2024 in Home

Learn how YSI EXO2 instruments aided in long-term water quality monitoring, uncovering significant carbon swings in the Zambezi River, and highlighting environmental impacts.

Climate Crisis vs Food Safety: Detection of Vibrio spp

By Truc Ta on Tue 23 January 2024 in Home

Explore the impact of climate change on food safety and learn about Vibrio-related outbreaks. Discover detection methods and solutions for a safer food environment.

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By Dijana Senjan on Thu 07 September 2023 in Home

Discover a wealth of knowledge about temperature equipment, calibration, and temperature mapping with our Temperature Thursday articles. Our experts have curated a series of informative pieces to enhance your understanding of temperature measurement and its applications.

Solutions for Endotoxin Problem in Industrial Bioprocesses

By Dijana Senjan on Fri 18 August 2023 in Home

Endotoxins disrupt bioprocesses, affecting culture quality and production. Enter Condalow® peptones: low endotoxin, high growth. A game-changer in solving this challenge.

New OHAUS Adventurer Balance Upgrade Transforms Your Lab

By Truc Ta on Thu 13 July 2023 in Home

Are you looking to optimise your laboratory operations? We are excited to announce the availability of the new software upgrade for the OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance. This upgrade introduces a range of features and enhancements, revolutionising the way users obtain accurate and reliable results with their laboratory balances.

Glassware-Ultimate Guide

By Dijana Senjan on Fri 24 March 2023

Unlock the Secrets to Choosing and Safely Handling Laboratory Glassware - Your Ultimate Guide is Here! Discover how to select the right glassware and get the most out of your investment with tips from our team of experts. Say goodbye to the risks and mishaps that come with handling glassware and ensure your success in the lab with this comprehensive guide.

Condagene: The Ultimate Solution for Rapid and Reliable Legionella Control

By Dijana Senjan on Wed 22 February 2023

Concerns about Legionella, are all year round, not just during summer times, a bacterium that can spread through water systems.  Fortunately, the Condagene® product range offers a solution up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. Our highly specific kit reduces workload and provides reliable results in under 48 hours.

Overcoming Pump Limitations

By Emma Foster on Fri 23 December 2022

Various pumps in non-pressurised systems can be used to induce liquid movement or flow. However, the pumps can have limitations in both batch and continuous processes.

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