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Analox Sensor Technology Ax60 CO2 Safety Monitor incl. AP1

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Analox Sensor Technology Ax60 CO2 Safety Monitor incl. AP1
PART NO. 4AJ-6284262
List Price: £428.40

Ax60 CO2 Safety Monitor incl. 1x Central Display Unit, 1x CO2 Sensor, 1x CO2 Alarm, w.universal power supply

Ax60 Carbon Dioxide Safety Monitor
The use and storage of CO2 in laboratories is varied and increasing in popularity including use in CO2 incubators, glove boxes, in dry ice form for storage, carbonation and many more applications.

CO2 is dangerous, even at relatively low levels and a leak or build up of CO2 in a confined area could prove potentially lethal for lab personnel.

The Ax60 comprises of a wall mounted central display unit, a CO2 sensor and a CO2 alarm which can provide an early warning of a CO2 leak.

-No calibration required (unless local regulations state otherwise)
-Very long life sensor can last up to 15 years
-Up to 4 x CO2 sensors and 8 x CO2 alarms can be used per Central Display Unit
-Supplied with a relay on each alarm which can be used to trigger ventilation, extraction or a building management system
-Easy installation and maintenance can be conducted by the user
-Additional (quick connect) CO2 sensors and alarms available if more than one entrance to the laboratory or more than one risk area
-Assists in compliance with Exposure Limit regulations such as EH40

Delivery Includes: 1 x Central Display Unit with 2 relays, 1 x CO2 Sensor and 1 x CO2 alarm, complete with universal mains power supply
Range: 0.1 to 5 % O2
Accuracy: +/- 5% of alarm setpoint
Warranty: 5 years electronics and sensor
IP Rating: IP55 (IP54 Central Display Unit)
Sounder: 88 dbA
TWA Alarm: 5,000ppm (0.5%) over 8 hours
CO2 Alarms: 15,000ppm (1.5%) & 30,000ppm (3%)
Central Unit Display: 16 digit 2 line LCD in ppm
Operating Temperature: -5 to 50 °C
Central Unit Dimensions: 175 x 110 x 75mm
Sensor & Alarm Dimensions: 72 x 170 x 45mm

Product Specification:
Product Description: Ax60 CO2 Safety Monitor includes 1 x Central Display Unit, 1 x CO2 Sensor, 1 x CO2 alarm, with universal power supply

Catalogue Number6.284 262
ManufacturerAnalox Sensor Technology
Manufacturer P/nAP1
Alternative RefAX60
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Alternative Reference:AX60

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