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LLG Labware Nitrile Gloves Size XS 200pk Blue 9006370

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LLG Labware Nitrile Gloves Size XS 200pk Blue 9006370
PART NO. 4AJ-9006370
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List Price: £9.58

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Characteristics of the ergo Nitrile Disposable Glove

  • Thin gloves - very comfortable to wear
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity - similar to latex
  • Tried and tested quality product made of nitrile
  • Excellent resistance to skin irritants in foodstuffs
  • Specially formulated for a more resilient glove
  • Designed for single use in applications with an increased need for safety when handling chemicals
  • Suitable for use in the Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Healthcare industry by individuals who require protection for themselves and for the materials they are handling
  • Free from phthalates / softeners and allergenic latex proteins
  • Easy to wear and particularly skin-friendly through a special finishing process
  • Colour: lavender blue glove
  • Suitable for areas subject to HACCP standards
  • Cat. III Low Chemical resistant. AQL 1.5
  • According to ASTM F 1671 (ISO 16604) for protection against viral penetration
  • According to EN 420 and DIN EN ISO /IEC 17025, DIN EN 45011 suitable for food handling

More information about Nitrile Gloves

Latex allergy is a common problem for people working in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industry where there is a need to wear protective rubber gloves. Nitrile gloves are an excellent substitute for natural latex as it can still provide the comfort of latex without the risk of allergies. Nitrile also provides excellent protection against chemicals.

Characteristics you should consider when buying disposable rubber gloves:

  • What material glove is required? Is natural latex acceptable? Or is a latex-substitute such as nitrile, neoprene or vinyl required?
  • Does the glove material chosen provide an adequate barrier against the substances and contaminants that will be handled?
  • Is the glove comfortable to wear? Is it easy to don (slip onto your hand) and to remove the glove?
  • Does the glove need to be powder free?
  • Is the colour of the glove important? Bright colours make gloves easy to spot if they get misplaces and can help colour-code different work areas.

Glove Size Guide

(XS) Extra Small Gloves 5-6
(S) Small Gloves 6-7
(M) Medium Gloves 7-8
(L) Large Gloves 8-9
(XL) Extra Large Gloves 9-10
Catalogue Number9.006 370
Manufacturer P/n9006370
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