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PlatR Software for Pipette Planning including Galaxy Tablet P-10

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PlatR Software for Pipette Planning including Galaxy Tablet P-10
PART NO. 6-P-10
List Price: £891.00

Complete package for effortless manual pipetting.

Package includes:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab with pre-installed PlatR software and power adapter
  • Adhesive holder for plates and strip holders (package of 5 holders)
  • User Manual

See how easy pipetting can be, check out the video below

PlatR is an easy-to-use solution for reliable manual pipetting to microtiter plates.

It is a ready-to-use product which does not cause any disruptions in the laboratory routine. PlatR is suitable for 96 and 384 well plates, including white plates and strips. Its basic purpose is to help lab personnel to increase throughput, minimise errors and produce reliable results.

  1. No installation needed. No hidden costs.
  2. Create the pipetting plan using PlatR or upload it from your computer.
  3. PlatR is very flexible and easy to use.
  4. Attach the holder and put your microplate on.
  5. PlatR also supports multichannel pipetting.
  6. PlatR will illuminate the wells according to your pipetting plan and guide you among the wells.

SUITABLE FOR ELISA, PCR, REAL-TIME PCR AND MUCH MORE! PlatR supports 96-well, 384-well plates, strips, deep well plates etc. It also offers an additional feature for pipetting on white plates.

PlatR Basic

  • PlatR Software Unlimited Licence
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  • Holder for microtiter plates
  • Full user instructions

Optional PlatR Accessories:

  • Inclination stand
  • Bluetooth foot switch
  • Holder for ELISA strips
  • Holder for PCR plates and strips
  • Protective foil
  • Touch pen

Software Updates & Support are free of charge

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