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Thermo CryoSystem Cryovials Made of PP Cap. 1ml 377224 P

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Thermo CryoSystem Cryovials Made of PP Cap. 1ml 377224 P
Thermo CryoSystem Cryovials Made of PP Cap. 1ml 377224 P
PART NO. 4AJ-6054193
List Price: £219.62

Inner thread

Screw cap

42 x 12.5mm

Pack of 500

Nunc Cryotubes with Internal Thread, PP, sterile
Intended for cryogenic transportation and storage of biological material. Internal thread with a silicone gasket provides the best possible seal. Available in four different bottom shapes: Round with or without free standing and round or conical with starfoot. Conform to the IATA requirements for the transport of diagnostic specimens and to the US pharmacopoeia USP Class VI. Packed in resealable zip lock bags with printed catalog no. and lot. no. Non-pyrogenic. Non-toxic. Sterile (SAL 10-6). CE marked. Certified RNase- and DNase-free.
Material tube and screw cap: PP

Do not use CryoTubes in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen unless correctly sealed in Nunc CryoFlex™ Tubing (Cat. No. 4.009 142). Improper use may cause liquified nitrogen to be trapped inside the vial and lead to pressure build-up, resulting in possible explosion or biohazard release.

Product Specification:
Capacity: 1.0ml
Height: 42mm
Ext. diam.: 12.5mm
Description: Conical, starfoot and writing area

Catalogue Number6.054 193
Manufacturer P/n377224 P
Fisher Ref9477640
VWR Ref479-6842
DescriptionConical, starfoot and writing area
Outer diam. mm12.5
Capacity ml1.0
Height mm42.0
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Tubes cryogenic

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