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LLG-Sample Vials N 20-50 DinColourless 7060459

LLG-Sample Vials N 20-50 DinColourless 7060459

PART NO: 4AJ-7060459
Price: £50.72
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50 ml With Roll Border Pack Of 100

Headspace-Vials ND20 (20ml and 50 ml)

Product Specification:
Capacity: 50.00ml
o.d. x Height: 31 x 101mm
Colour: clear
Form: flat bottom flat DIN crimp neck

Catalogue Number7.060 459
Manufacturer P/n7060459
With labelling fieldNo
Ø mm31.0
Dimension (ØxH)31.0 x 101.0 mm
Bottom shapeFlat
Height mm101.0
VersionDIN crimp neck, flat
Cap sizeND20
Nominal capacity ml50.0
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