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Hamilton 725 N 250µl Syringe (22S/51/2) 80700

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Hamilton 725 N 250µl Syringe (22S/51/2) 80700
Hamilton 725 N 250µl Syringe (22S/51/2) 80700
PART NO. A80700
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Hamilton 725 N 250ul Syringe (22S/51/2)
Hamilton 250ul Fixed Needle Syringe
700 series Liquid-Tight microliter syringe
51mm needle
Gauge 22s
Point Style 2
Can also be used as a Manual Injection syringe

Microlitre syringes, 700 series, with fixed needle
Point Style 2 (pst2): 12° bevelled non-coring needle point recommended for septum penetration. Ideal for gas chromatographic applications.

Point Style 3 (pst3): Blunt needle point (90°) for use with HPLC injection valves. Also recommended for applications where exact dosing is required (e.g. thin layer chromatographs).

Point Style 4 (pst4): 10-12° bevelled needle point recommended for life science applications; sharp point for animal injection.

Point Style 5 (pst5): Conical needle with side port for penetration of septa, thin-gauged vinyls and plastics without coring; minimizes septum damage

Point Style AS (pstAS): Special conical style needle point (8° taper) designed to withstand the demands of multiple injections; exclusively used on GC autosampler syringes
With fixed needle (N, NR). NR stands for syringes with Rheodyne specified needles. Plungers are individually fitted, therefore cannot be interchanged and are not available as replacement parts. Needles are electro-tapered.
Needle length 51mm

Product Specification:
Product Type: 725 N
Capacity: 250 µl
Gauge: 22s
Point style: 2 (GC)

Catalogue Number9.221 006
Manufacturer P/n80700
Type725 N
Point style2 (GC)
Capacity µl250
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