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Canvax G protein-coupled Receptor 42 G0552-A

Canvax G protein-coupled Receptor 42 G0552-A


G protein-coupled Receptor 42, ExpressMAX™ Human GPCR ORF Clones

GPR41 and GPR42 are two closely related genes that are part of a cluster of four adjacent GPCRs (GPR40, 41, 42 and 43) localized on Human chromosome 19. There are only six nucleotide and amino acid differences between GPR41 and GPR42. High sequence homology between these two genes suggests that it is the result of a recent duplication event. Mutagenesis studies have previously shown that amino acid 174 is important for functional signaling since conversion of R174 (found in GPR41) to W174 (found in GPR42) silences the response to short chain fatty acids, raising the possibility that GPR42 might be an inactive pseudogene.

Main Features:

Native structure. Wide range: A large collection of ExpressMAX™ GPCR ORF Clones availables. Highest levels of GPCR expression: on surface cell lines, > 50% of TAG detection by cytometry. Wide spectrum: of strong constitutive promoters. Complete solution: it contains all necessary elements for maximum receptor expression. Ready-to-use solution: avoids cloning steps, DNA ready to transfect. Easy protocol and detection: the whole procedure is simple, with minimal handling. Neomycin resistance. Ampicillin bacterial selection.

Includes: Includes for 15 µg: ExpressMAX™ GPCR ORF Clones (Cat. No. -A & B) - 15 µg ExpressMAX™ Mammalian Expression Vector (1 mg/mL) Mammalian Transfection Kits (Cat. No. -PLUS): - 15 µg ExpressMAX™ Mammalian Expression Vector (1 mg/mL) - 0.2 mL CANFAST™ Transfection Reagent (15 µg = 15 assays)

Applications: Functional assays, as protein immobilization, cellular localization and other functional assays. High-throughput and large scale protein production and purification. Reverse transfection arrays and nucleic acid programmable protein arrays (NAPPA).

Format: 15 µL
Shipping conditions: Dry Ice
Storage Conditions: -20 ºC
Manufacturer P/nG0552 - A