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Lab Unlimited offer a Flowmeter for Every Need

Alicat’s mass flow meters are easy-to-use, benefit-rich, laminar pressure-based instruments that feature fast response and linear accuracy with NIST-traceable calibration. Also, the Alicat liquid flow meters are designed with laboratory research and process automation in mind. These instruments feature fast response times and utilize the same principles of laminar flow that drive our gas mass flow meters and controllers.

Agilent flowmeters are supplied for measuring capillary column flows, calibrating air pumps and flow controllers, and verifying instrument gas flows. Setting and maintaining GC flow rates greatly affect the instrument accuracy and sensitivity. Choosing a flowmeter for your application depends upon Measurement Speed, ease of use, accuracy and flow rate range.

Which flowmeter should I use?
Flowmeter Type Main Feature Flow Rate Range What is Measured?
ADM Series Volumetric Ease of Use 0.1mL - 1 L/min Noncorrosive Gases
Veri-Flow 500 Mass Versatility 5mL - 500 mL/min He, H2, Air, N2, Ar/CH4
Precision Electronic Mass Mass Accuracy 0mL - 500 mL/min He, H2, Air, N2, CO2, CH4, Ar/CH4
Optiflow (Digital Bubble) Bubble Dependability 0.1mL - 25 L/min All Gases
Liquid Flowmeter Liquid Liquid Flow 1.0mL - 30 mL/min Liquids

Measurement Speed

Volumetric measurements rely upon the volume of gas passing through the flowmeter but not the composition. Additionally, volumetric flowmeters accurately measure from a mixed or multi-component gas stream. Mass flowmeters are calibrated to specific gas compositions and determine the flow rate for those calibrated gases. Mass measurements are independent of temperature and pressure.

With volumetric flowmeters, no adjustments are needed when switching from one gas stream to a different composition stream. So, an analyst can immediately change from measuring nitrogen from a GC detector to helium split rate from an injection port, to methane from an anaerobic digestion vessel. If a mass flowmeter is used, the analyst must change instrument settings and purge the flowmeter of the initial gas before accurate readings can be taken.

Ease of Use

When setting gas flows with many flowmeters, the analyst often needs more than two hands to hold and start the flowmeter. With continuous flow readings, the analyst does not have to start or stop the flowmeter with each measurement. The Veri-Flow 500 and ADM flowmeters read flow values continuously.

Flow Rate Range

Low flow rates? No problem (down to 0.1 mL/min). Very high flow rates? No problem (up to 25 L/min). A wide range of flow rates? No problem (0.10-1000 mL/min using a single flowmeter).


Lab Unlimited accurately calibrate all flowmeters to NIST-traceable standards.

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