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UV Transmittance Monitors

Complete with UVA Calculator, the Sensorex UVT-LED (PearlSense T254) is the world’s first UV Transmittance monitor to incorporate a UV-C LED light-source as opposed to a conventional mercury lamp. It is this exclusive feature that ensures the device gives reliable and stable readings over a great period of time, regardless of the conditions.

Click here to see our UVT to UVA Conversion Table.

With this UVT Transmittance monitor UVT is measured automatically and displayed on the backlight LCD screen. Thanks to its unique single lamp and sensor design, the Sensorex UVT-LED eliminates any drift, contrary to what happens with other multiple lamp and sensor monitors.

The low operating cost and convenient size of the Sensorex UVT-LED make it a must have equipment for UV system control. A handheld model is also available, with battery operation and carrying case.

Main features
- Single lamp and sensor design
- Ultra-long lamp life
- UVT measurement with 1 cm path length at 254nm
- Allows offline usage & direct installation into a pipe or open channel
- Automatic UV-Transmittance measurement every 60 seconds
- Automatic wiper cleaning and self-calibration check
- Ultra-small product design for easy retrofit installation
- 4-20mA communication and 24 VDC power

Watch our video on how to use the Sensorex: UV Transmittance Monitor

Should you require any more information on UV Transmittance Monitors, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

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