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Latest Changes in borer Chemie Range
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borer cleaning solutions have issued a product change notification regarding the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of the deconex 11 Universal & deconex 15 PF-x cleaning solutions.

The company has made some changes in the classification and labelling of these products, due to “the continuous harmonization of the classification and labelling of substances by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), and the related adjustments to the classification of their raw materials.”

These changes only affect the MSDS, and not the actual composition of the product. The changes to the MSDS are effective immediately. Below are a list of the affected parts and their new updated MSDS:
borer-Chemie-deconex-11-universal-15 PF-x
- Deconex 11 Universal cleaner, 5kg, 4AJ-6083424 (500100.00-K05W)
- Deconex 11 Universal cleaner, 10kg, 4AJ-6202891 (500100.00-K10W)
- Deconex 11 Universal cleaner, 1kg, 4AJ-6801886 (500100.00-F10W)
- Deconex 15 PF-x, 1 kg, 4AJ-9192892 (518000.00-F10W)
- Deconex 15 PF-x, 5 kg, 4AJ-9192893 (518000.00-K05W)
- Deconex 15 PF-x, 10 kg. 4AJ-9192894 (518000.00-K10W)
- Deconex 15 PF-x, 28 kg.4AJ-9192895 (518000.00-K25W)

Be sure to download the Deconex 15 PF-x and the Deconex 11 Universal cleaner MSDS sheets.

Should you require any more information regarding these changes, please contact our Customer Support Team.
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