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Lab Unlimited, a Brookfield Ametek Distributer


The Brookfield brand has been considered the world standard in viscosity measurement and control of liquids and semi-solids for more than 80 years.

As sole supplier of Brookfield Ametek in Ireland, Lab Unlimited is proud to present its customers with the best equipment and knowledge in Viscosity/Rheology, Texture and Flow Behaviour.

Viscometers and Rheometers – for accurate and reliable data regarding viscosity behaviour.

Viscosity behaviour allows manufacturers to understand and gather precious information about their product: predicting its pourability, its performance in a dipping or coating operation, brookfield-texture-analysers.jpgor the ease with which it may be handled, processed, or used. The interrelation between rheology and other product dimensions often makes the measurement of viscosity the most sensitive or convenient way of detecting changes in colour, density, stability, solids content, and molecular weight.

In recent years the ranges of Viscometers and Rheometers have been complimented with ranges of instrumentation for Texture Analysis and Powder Flow Testers.

Now more structured samples whose properties can not easily be measured by Viscometers can be characterised in terms of set strength, hardness, cohesiveness, mouth feel etc, using a Texture Analyser - the CTX and the CT3 are the perfect tools for tension and compression testing.


Variations in the properties of Powder Raw Materials can be readily characterised by the Brookfield Powder Flow Tester (PFT). The PFT is ideal for quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. Product consistency and formulation changes can be evaluated by quickly testing on a user friendly robust QC and Research tool.

What we offer:

  • Brookfield trained Engineers
  • Training
  • Service and Sales Support

Be sure to check out the Viscosity, Brookfield Texture and Powder ranges we have available on our website.

Should you require any further information regarding the Brookfield Ametek product ranges we have available, please contact our Sales Team.

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