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10 articles tagged with "Material characterisation".

Effective Dosing Techniques for Determining Flow Behaviour

By Truc Ta on Mon 08 April 2024 in Home

Discover Effective Dosing Techniques for Flow Behaviour. Learn about dosing methods for liquids & powders, optimising product flow & smooth operations.

Evaluating Tablet Coating with a Texture Analyser

By Truc Ta on Wed 21 February 2024

Discover the Role of Texture Analysis in Tablet Manufacturing: From Assessing Mechanical Characteristics to Coating Adhesion Strength. Learn how Texture Analysers optimize quality control. 

DVNext Full Featured Rheometer

By Emma Foster on Fri 05 August 2022

The DVNext is AMETEK Brookfield's Full-Featured Rheometer with an Optional 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Version. The compliant version includes Ethernet and LIMS Connectivity. Read more about on the key features of the DVNext!

Brookfield Application Note for Baby Formula

By Emma Foster on Thu 24 March 2022

In this article we outline the uses of the formula while also providing details on how the testing of the formula was carried out in order to ensure the highest possible quality of the product.

Use of Texture Analyzer on Pharmaceutical Products

By Emma Foster on Tue 21 December 2021

Consumers judge pharmaceutical products to some extent on how the item feels to the touch. This property can be described by the term “Texture” which is a mix of related, multi-dimensional attributes. Find out how a texture analyzer can be used for these pharmaceutical products.

Viscosity Testing: Do I Know Enough?

By Emma Foster on Wed 17 November 2021

We receive queries daily from customers who believe that their viscosity reading is incorrect. Here, we have given some tools needed when measuring viscosity and spoke about the viscometer training we can offer at Lab Unlimited.

Viscometer: The "Guard Leg" Can Make a Difference

By Emma Foster on Thu 28 October 2021

To evaluate food materials in the mixing process we use viscosity testing. The objective is to understand how the viscosity varies as the mixing process advances. This can have an impact on the type of mixing blades used and the power consumption. Find out more about the different types of guard legs to use on your processes.

What is the Use of a Texture Analyser?

By Emma Foster on Wed 06 October 2021

A Texture Analyser has many different uses. This article demonstrates the role of a texture analyser during a crush test and its results.

The Evaluation of Yoghurt Texture

By Emma Foster on Wed 26 August 2020

There are different forms of yoghurt available on the market such as stirred, set frozen and liquid yoghurt. Processing variables in the manufacturing of yoghurt controls its textural properties. This article will focus on evaluating the firmness and consistency of the yoghurt using the CTX penetration test.

When Desirable Textural Characteristics Decide the Success of Your Product...

By Joana Bernardo on Fri 29 March 2019

You need quick & reliable Texture Analysis! This truly empirical testing technique is a key procedure in QC and R&D labs throughout many industries. Introducing the new CTX Texture analyser from Brookfield Ametek. An advanced model for compression and tension testing of materials 

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