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9 articles tagged with "texture analyser".

Evaluating Tablet Coating with a Texture Analyser

By Truc Ta on Wed 21 February 2024

Discover the Role of Texture Analysis in Tablet Manufacturing: From Assessing Mechanical Characteristics to Coating Adhesion Strength. Learn how Texture Analysers optimize quality control. 

Texture Analyser & Mouth Feel Test

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

Any food product undergoing quality control testing utilising texture analysis requires a standardised test procedure that has been experimentally tailored to the target product and the equipment available. Read this article to find out more about texture analysers and the mouth feel test.

Texture Analysis: A Science of Food

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

Texture analysis is a scientific discipline that measures the subjective qualities of food items, their intermediate parts, and their functional elements. Find out more about texture analysis and the processes used.

How To Get Right Food Texture?

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

According to research, texture, flavour, and appearance make a food product more or less acceptable. For food makers to be successful, they must be able to faithfully duplicate the texture of food products. Find out how you can get the right food texture by reading our article.

Brookfield Application Note for Baby Formula

By Emma Foster on Thu 24 March 2022

In this article we outline the uses of the formula while also providing details on how the testing of the formula was carried out in order to ensure the highest possible quality of the product.

Use of Texture Analyzer on Pharmaceutical Products

By Emma Foster on Tue 21 December 2021

Consumers judge pharmaceutical products to some extent on how the item feels to the touch. This property can be described by the term “Texture” which is a mix of related, multi-dimensional attributes. Find out how a texture analyzer can be used for these pharmaceutical products.

What is the Use of a Texture Analyser?

By Emma Foster on Wed 06 October 2021

A Texture Analyser has many different uses. This article demonstrates the role of a texture analyser during a crush test and its results.

The Quality of Seal Strength

By Emma Foster on Mon 06 September 2021

Packaging has also evolved into a key marketing industry and how manufacturers can differentiate their products from those of their competitors. In this article, we are going to observe two examples of the seal strength and peel strength of packaging materials in the food industry.

When Desirable Textural Characteristics Decide the Success of Your Product...

By Joana Bernardo on Fri 29 March 2019

You need quick & reliable Texture Analysis! This truly empirical testing technique is a key procedure in QC and R&D labs throughout many industries. Introducing the new CTX Texture analyser from Brookfield Ametek. An advanced model for compression and tension testing of materials 

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