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26 articles tagged with "water quality".

Monitoring water quality of Zambezi River YSI EXO2

By Truc Ta on Wed 07 February 2024 in Home

Learn how YSI EXO2 instruments aided in long-term water quality monitoring, uncovering significant carbon swings in the Zambezi River, and highlighting environmental impacts.

Want the Best Water Quality Data?

By Emma Foster on Wed 21 December 2022

Site selection is a critical factor in collecting representative water quality data—sometimes more so than the sensors used to make the measurements. In the case of spot/grab sampling, continuous monitoring or water column profiling being carried out, there are a multitude of elements that go into the selection of the ideal location to taking measurements in aquatic environments.

Top 7 Ways New EXO Sondes Expand Your Water Quality Monitoring

By Emma Foster on Wed 21 December 2022 in Home

New features, sensors and now new Sondes have been part of the continual growth over the last ten years by EXO to develop the EXO Sonde System and bookmark it as the unrivalled tool to assist you in monitoring and protecting your World.

DO Meter Measurement Problems?

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

6 Tips for Accurate, Reliable Data with Wastewater ISE Sensors

By Emma Foster on Tue 30 August 2022

An ion-selective electrode (ISE) sensor is a well-established method for continuously measuring ammonium and nitrate in wastewater. To assist with optimizing the use of these sensors, here are the top tips for providing accurate and reliable data from an online ISE sensor.

How to Achieve More Accurate Titrations

By Emma Foster on Tue 18 January 2022

Titration is a well-known method of determining the presence of an analyte in a sample. The techniques have remained in use due to their simplicity and general correctness. But don't be fooled: when it comes to tactics and practices, there's always space for growth.

5 Tips to Prevent Costly Mistakes with Your Water Quality Sonde

By Emma Foster on Mon 17 January 2022

Do you have an issue with your water quality sonde? Here are some tips on how you can prevent costly mistakes using your water quality sonde.

Three Wrong Assumptions Made About Water Quality Monitoring

By Emma Foster on Thu 30 September 2021

Dr. Stephanie A. Smith in this article is talking about a three assumptions people have when it comes to testing the water quality.

Anatomy of pH Electrodes

By Emma Foster on Wed 29 September 2021

What are pH electrodes and how do they work? In this article, you will learn about methods of pH measurement and their structure.

How to Control Denitrification Using Online Sensors

By Emma Foster on Mon 27 September 2021

Utilities are encouraged to remove as much nitrogen as possible in order to meet mass loading limitations or to gain credits that may be sold to other utilities. This article demonstrates how online sensors are used to control denitrification in water.

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