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Asia Flow Chemistry System

What is the Asia Flow Chemistry System?

The Asia is a modular, lab-scale flow chemistry system. Created by chemists for chemists, the Asia design offers great versatility in terms of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use.


Why the Asia?

• Versatile, modular, customizable to your needs
• User-friendly and strong built
• Maximum chemical resistance
• Integration of synthesis, work-up and analysis
• More safe and cleaner reactions in less time

The Secret is in the Configuration

There are many Asia flow chemistry modules available – and this is what makes it such a unique system. This modular design is what allows you to create and customize the system to your needs and chemical requirements. Either entry level for beginners or advanced systems for experts, the Asia system is the perfect choice for any R&D laboratory.

8 main Asia System Configurations

Starter System: Includes all essential flow system parts and is ideal for beginner or academic chemists using flow chemistry.

Scale-up System: Flow reaction parameters can be optimized using a small microreactor on few milligrams before moving onto a large tube reactor system for synthesizing multi-gram quantities of products.

flow-chemNanoparticle System: Offers fast and reproducible mixing, excellent heat transfer and accurate temperature control. this system provides excellent advantages for nanoparticle synthesis which result in narrow particle size distribution and control over shape and architecture.

Electrochemistry System: This system allows easy access to electrochemical reactions in continuous flow and enables selectivity and transformations, impossible by other techniques.

Discovery Chemistry System: This system is designed for limited quantities of starting material or expensive reagents. It offers setups capable of running flow experiments using very small amounts of reagents.

Cold System: Provides safe chemical reactions under cryogenic conditions.

Process Optimization System: Ideal for converting a batch reaction into a flow process and varying reaction parameters to optimize the reaction. The Asia Manager Software will calculate the required flow rates, reagent amounts and fully automate each reaction.

Premium System: Full range of Asia modules for standard and advanced flow chemistry operations. It is perfect for chemists who want to take full advantage of the Asia functionality and access the widest range of chemical space.

Although these are the main configurations, all Asia modules can be supplied separately or be configured to match your chemical requirements.


Flow Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Library Synthesis, Electrochemistry in Flow, Nanoparticle synthesis, Aqueous Workup, Parallel Chemistry, Inline liquid-liquid Extraction, Synthesis and Analysis in Flow Chemistry.

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Asia Flow Chemistry System

Asia Flow Chemistry System

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