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Real-time PCR-system Prime Pro 48

The new Prime Pro 48 real time PCR system from Techne (UK) is a high specification, economically priced real-time thermocycler. The Prime Pro 48 system has a unique high thermal block uniformity (± 0.1°C). This uniformity as well as validated sample volumes of down to 5µl enable an optimized reaction run time for 40 cycles down to only 15 minutes. The uniform temperature across the plate is achieved with a unique heating and cooling system that quickly enables a uniform temperature of ±0.1°C in every well of the block within a fraction of a second of reaching each well temperature. This high uniformity eliminates the need for triplicates which reduces reagent running costs. Prime Pro 48 accommodates a unique and economical 48-well PCR plate, the size of which is only 1/8 the size of a standard 96-well plate. The well format mirrors a 384-well plate therefore allowing the use of a 16-channel micropipette. The small plate cuts reagent costs in half whilst still producing a strong fluorescent signal. Applications include e.g. absolute and relative quantification, Allelic Discrimination and High Resolution Melt.


  • Validated volume per well: 5 to 20 µl
  • High temperature uniformity of ±0.1°C across the whole block instantly after every temperature change
  • 40 cycles in 40 minutes before optimization, and down to only 15 minutes when optimized
  • Genotype in 4 minutes with over 99% accuracy
  • Patented "Adaptive LED Control" minimizes optical artifacts and prevents premature detector saturation
  • Dual LED excitation (452nm to 486nm and 542nm to 582nm)
  • 4 emission filters (505nm to 545nm, 562nm to 596nm, 604nm to 644nm, 665nm to 705nm)
  • Data is always collected in all four filters for all wells
  • Distinguishes 5000 and 10000 template copies with 99 percent confidence

Additional features:
  • 48-well block
  • MIQE compliant
  • 400 analyte specific qPCR reagent kits available
  • No calibration required
  • Calibrated dyes: SYBR®, FAMTM, HEXTM, ROXTM, Cy®5.
  • Additional dyes within the filter wavelength range are supported with no additional calibration required
  • Unlimited software license
  • 1 year warranty

Custom 48-well qPCR plates and corresponding seals have to be ordered separately.

Real-time PCR-system Prime Pro 48
Temperature range:30 to 100°C
Temperature stability:±0.1°C
Temperature uniformity:±0.1°C within 1sec
Average ramp rate:5.5°C/sec
Dimensions (W x D x H):345 x 310 x 320mm

Real-time PCR-system Prime Pro 48

(Stuart) Plate seals Cole Parmer PRIMEPRO48 PROSEAL48
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