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Electroporation system Gemini Twin Wave SC, Complete system

The Gemini Twin Wave devices are flexible systems that can generate both square wave and exponential decay waves. Ideally suited for all electroporation requirements. The waveform combination allows eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells to be electroporated easily and efficiently in cuvettes with a single device. Prokaryotic cells typically respond well to exponential decay wave pulses, while eukaryotic cells are most efficiently transfected with square wave pulses.

  • Large, user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Universal electroporation for transfection of cells in vitro, in vivo, in ovo, and adherent forms
  • Preset protocols include the most common eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell types
  • User-defined protocols: protocols can be added and modified without limits
  • Safety functions: Pre-pulse resistance check, arc protection, and over-current pulse abort
  • Data protocols store parameters of all delivered pulses for quality control and troubleshooting purposes
  • Storage of over 1000 protocols

The supplied safety dome connects to the generator to safely deliver high-voltage electrical pulses to cuvettes. Up to two cuvettes can be electroporated simultaneously.

Scope of supply: Generator Gemini SC, safety dome, electroporation cuvettes 1 mm / 2 mm / 4 mm (10 each), cuvette rack

Electroporation system Gemini Twin Wave SC, Complete system
Exponential decay pulse
Capacitance LV mode:25 ... 3275 µF
Capacitance HV mode:10, 25, 50 µF
Resistance:50 ... 1000 Ω
Voltage LV mode:10 ... 500 V
Voltage HV mode:510 ... 3000 V
Square wave pulse
Capacitance LV mode:3775 µF
Capacitance HV mode:85 µF
Voltage LV mode:10 ... 500 V
Voltage HV mode:510 ... 3000 V
Multiple pulse LV mode:1 ... 100 pulses per sample
Multiple pulse HV mode:1 ... 2 pulses per sample
Pulse length LV mode:0.05 ... 100 ms
Pulse length HV mode:50 µs ... 5 ms
Pulse interval:0.1 ... 10 s

Electroporation system Gemini Twin Wave SC, Complete system

Harvard Apparatus (BTX) Gemini SC System 452042
PART NO.4AJ-4687933
Description||Width mm||Depth mm||Height mm||Dimensions (WxDxH)||Weight kg||Min. permitted ambient temperature °C||Max. permitted ambient temperature °C||Max. relative humidity rate %||Permitted ambient conditions||Type of auxiliary energy||Power supply||PK
Gemini SC Complete system||286||216||324||286 x 216 x 324 mm||7.3||4||40||80||4 ... 40 °C , 80 % RH||Mains connection||100 ... 240 V, 50 ... 60 Hz||1
Harvard Apparatus (BTX)
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