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Virus Research

As the pandemic continues to be a threat worldwide, researchers are working hard to investigate COVID-19. This research is vital in generating knowledge needed to be able to weaken the virus and the effects in has on the population. It is also important in the development of any treatments or vaccines that may help fight the virus. Here at Lab Unlimited, we understand that the correct equipment and support are crucial when researching and understanding COVID-19 so that any breakthrough may be discovered.

We have compiled a list of relevant products that are time-saving and robust to assist in the acceleration of any scientific discovery. There are products such as gel electrophoresis units, agarose, DNA ladders and thermocyclers that contribute to genomics research as well as safety cabinets, dry block heaters and cooling blocks which help with the sample preparation and handling. Cleaning and sterilisation products are included also so research space can stay germ free and it prevents the risk of spreading infection. We also have a range of in stock Personal Protective Equipment which can be found here.