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Canvax Trace Amine Associated Receptor 5 G0629-B

Canvax Trace Amine Associated Receptor 5 G0629-B


Trace Amine Associated Receptor 5, ExpressMAX™ Human GPCR ORF Clones

Human TAAR5 is exclusively expressed in small subsets of olfactory sensory neurons in the human olfactory epithelium, where it is the most highly expressed TAAR gene. This receptor can be activated with a high specificity by the tertiary amines trimethylamine (TMA) (full agonist) and dimethylethylamine (DMEA) (partial agonist). TMA has an unpleasant odor of rotting fish, that will be released in bodily secretions like sweat, breath and urine in people with the genetic disorder trimethylaminuria disease.

Main Features:

Native structure. Wide range: A large collection of ExpressMAX™ GPCR ORF Clones availables. Highest levels of GPCR expression: on surface cell lines, > 50% of TAG detection by cytometry. Wide spectrum: of strong constitutive promoters. Complete solution: it contains all necessary elements for maximum receptor expression. Ready-to-use solution: avoids cloning steps, DNA ready to transfect. Easy protocol and detection: the whole procedure is simple, with minimal handling. Neomycin resistance. Ampicillin bacterial selection.

Includes: Includes for 15 µg: ExpressMAX™ GPCR ORF Clones (Cat. No. -A & B) - 15 µg ExpressMAX™ Mammalian Expression Vector (1 mg/mL) Mammalian Transfection Kits (Cat. No. -PLUS): - 15 µg ExpressMAX™ Mammalian Expression Vector (1 mg/mL) - 0.2 mL CANFAST™ Transfection Reagent (15 µg = 15 assays)

Applications: Functional assays, as protein immobilization, cellular localization and other functional assays. High-throughput and large scale protein production and purification. Reverse transfection arrays and nucleic acid programmable protein arrays (NAPPA).

Format: 15 µL
Shipping conditions: Dry Ice
Storage Conditions: -20 ºC
Manufacturer P/nG0629 - B