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Macherey-Nagel Snap ring vials N 11-1 702713

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Macherey-Nagel Snap ring vials N 11-1 702713
Macherey-Nagel Snap ring vials N 11-1 702713
PART NO. 4AJ-4001545
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clear with label area,
wide opening, pack of 100

Crimp top vials and caps

According to the high requirements of chemical analyses, especially with regard to reproducibility combined with high detection sensivity, the container material for the respective samples is of great importance. In general, for this purpose vials made from glass are used. The hydrolytic resistance of the glass can be taken as a measure for its chemical inertness. Determination of the hydrolytic resistance and the resulting classification of a glass grade are governed by the German and international industrial standard DIN 12111 / ISO 719. Glass grades are classified in hydrolytic classes .
We supply vials from the following classes:

1st hydrolytic class

Glass grades made from borosilicate, such as DURAN®, Pyrex®, Fiolax® and others belong to this group. Glass of this class, which is often called neutral glass, has a very good chemical resistiance towards acid and neutral solutions. The relatively low alkali content permits good values for the resistance towards alkaline solutions, too. If nothing else is stated, the vials of our programme are made from glass of the 1st hydrolytic class (manufactured in accordance with Eu.Ph. VI Ed., U.S.P. XXV Ed., DAB-10, Ph. Jap. 13).

3rd hydrolytic class, Soda-lime glass

Glass of this class, also called soft glass or lime soda glass, has a mediumhydrolytic resistance. For longtime storage of aqueous and especially alkaline-aqueous samples (for example to use them repeatedly) it
is not recommended. Nevertheless, it can be used for many analytical applications.

We supply the following types of sample bottles:

vials with crimp top and corresponding caps
screw thread vials and srew caps
sealing disks for individual combinations of cap and seal

Except for a few frequently used combi packs, vials and caps can be ordered separately, thus allowing a wide range of possible combinations.

Advantages of the DIN crimp top:

Crimp top vials are available with 3 differnt rim heights: 3mm, DIN crimp top with 3,6mm and 4mm. When using only one crimper, tedious adjustments for the different heights are necessary. The standardized DIN crimp top avoids this problem. The rim height in accordance with DIN 58366 should be 3.6 +/- 0.2mm. We supply vials with DIN crimp top for volumes above 5ml.

Except where explicitly mentioned, caps with sealing disks are supplied assembled, i. e. ready-to-use. Seals below the caps are shown for illustration purposes only, and they are pictured upside down.
Vials with crimp top are injection bottles with rim diameters of 8, 11, 13 or 20mm which can be closed with crimp caps or PE caps (PE caps only for 11 and 20mm rim diameters).

Vials with snap ring design with 11mm rim diameter may be closed with PE snap-on caps or crimp caps.

Conic vials are vials with tapered inner shape for small sample volumes, which can be closed with crimp caps or PE caps.

Micro inserts are used to reduce the volume of standard sample vials for application with very small sample volumes. Vials are closed as usual. As an alternative for small volumes you may use the sample vials with conic inner shape (conic vials) mentioned above.

Crimp caps can be used for crimp top vials and for vials with snap ring design. They are available with or without sealing disks, with centre hole, tear-off middle seal or as tear-off caps. Caps with centre hole are made from aluminium, aluminium with steel insert or steel. The two latter are magnetic.

Additionally we offer a versatile range of sealing disks for crimp caps and PE caps.

Product Specification:
Product Description: N 11-1, clear, lable area, wide opening
Capacity: 1.50ml
diameter / height rim: 11 / -mm
o.d. x Height: 11.5 32.5mm

Catalogue Number4.001 545
Manufacturer P/n702713
DescriptionN 11-1, clear, lable area, wide opening
diameter / height rim mm11 / -
Volume ml1.5
o.d. x Height mm11.5 32.5
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