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Canvax BrightMAX™ Lambda DNA/HindIII Marker L0020-S

Canvax BrightMAX™ Lambda DNA/HindIII Marker L0020-S


BrightMAX™ Lambda DNA/HindIII Marker, for a highly efficient dna fragment separation on agarose gels

BrightMAX™ Lambda DNA/HindIII marker is ready-to-use and can be visualized on agarose gel. It is composed by 8 fragments ranging from 125 to 23.13 kb in size: 125, 564, 2027, 2322, 4361, 6557, 9416, 23130 bp. Lambda DNA was completely digested by Hind III, phenol extracted, ethanol precipitated, dissolved in 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0) and 1 mM EDTA and it is supplied in 6X Loading buffer.

Main Features:

Ready-to-use format for a perfect visualization on agarose gel. Well-defined bands patterns. Highly Stable at Room Temperature. Bright and accurate. Tested with Ethidium bromide and Gel green. Risk-free: product covered by Canvax Quality 100% Guarantee.

Includes: Includes for 50 µg : - 50 µg of DNA Ladder (0.1 µg/µL)

Applications: Molecular weight standards for gel electrophoresis.

Format: 20 µg
Shipping conditions: Gel Pack
Storage Conditions: -20 ºC
Manufacturer P/nL0020-S