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Batch Reactors

Syrris Atlas Batch ReactorSyrris Atlas HD Batch ReactorSyrris Globe Batch ReactorSyrrisOrb Batch ReactorSyrris Custom Batch ReactorSyrris Orb Pilot Batch Reactor

As dedicated supplier for Syrris instruments, Lab Unlimited provides an extensive range of Batch Reactors specifically designed for chemists and chemical engineers. Meet Syrris' batch reactor product families: Globe, Atlas , Atlas HD, Orb and Orb Pilot.

A revolutionary range of modular products, Atlas can form a wide range of lab batch reactors. With Atlas, you can have manual or automated control of one or many reactions at a time, with volumes from 5 litres to 1ml in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials.

Also part of the Atlas family, is the Atlas HD range of automated jacketed reactors. It allows you to perform fast, scalable, and reproducible chemistry with advanced reaction control and multi-step automated recipes.

If you are looking for a more user-friendly, compact, cost and time-efficient batch reactor solution then Globe is your answer. A jacketed chemical reactor system with advanced technology that allows vessels from 50ml to 5L to be compatible with just one clamp, one lid and one circulator.

Orb is a compact high quality, bench-top batch jackted reactor system also with intuitive design and great value. It has rapid height adjustment and two clamp sizes that accommodate a wide range of vessel sizes from 100ml to 10L, which can quickly be interchanged.

If effortless Scale-Up Chemistry is what you are looking for, the Orb Pilot is what you need. A high performance floor standing jacketed reactor system, that is the most flexible and versatile reactor system at this scale. Simply choose a Base Frame, Lid, Vessel Kit and Stirrer Motor and your starter system is built - PLUS it matches your EXACT requirements! Designed specifically for scale-up chemistry, this batch reactor system is packed with clever yet cost-effective design solutions. View more on the Orb Pilot

For requirements that fall outside these ranges, we can design and built a Custom Batch Reactor System that matches your specifications. Complete systems from 100ml to 250 litres can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus.Contact a member of our Sales Team for more information.

Watch the Videos for more examples and configurations of the Syrris Batch Reactors.

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