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21 articles tagged with "life science".

Climate Crisis vs Food Safety: Detection of Vibrio spp

By Truc Ta on Tue 23 January 2024 in Home

Explore the impact of climate change on food safety and learn about Vibrio-related outbreaks. Discover detection methods and solutions for a safer food environment.

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Solutions for Endotoxin Problem in Industrial Bioprocesses

By Dijana Senjan on Fri 18 August 2023 in Home

Endotoxins disrupt bioprocesses, affecting culture quality and production. Enter Condalow® peptones: low endotoxin, high growth. A game-changer in solving this challenge.

Condagene: The Ultimate Solution for Rapid and Reliable Legionella Control

By Dijana Senjan on Wed 22 February 2023

Concerns about Legionella, are all year round, not just during summer times, a bacterium that can spread through water systems.  Fortunately, the Condagene® product range offers a solution up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. Our highly specific kit reduces workload and provides reliable results in under 48 hours.

PCR and qPCR, What’s the difference?

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

PCR is a commonly used diagnostic tool in domains such as virology, microbiology, parasitology, mycology, and dentistry. However, it has its limitations which qPCR does not. Find out what the difference between PCR and qPCR is.

CondaChrome® Cosmetic Industry Solutions

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 December 2022

A lot of time and money is wasted due to the strict regulations that have been put in place in the cosmetic industry regarding the detection of Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus. What if there is a solution that would enable you to save both time and money?

Biopharmaceuticals: The Next Era of Pharmaceuticals

By Emma Foster on Wed 09 November 2022

Recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology has enabled the new generation of bioproducts, including antibodies, growth factors, fusion proteins, vaccines, and growth factors, conceivable. Learn more about bioprocessing and biotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Coliphages: The Future of Microbial Water Indicators

By Emma Foster on Wed 31 August 2022

Viruses have been shown to be important in gastrointestinal disorders in several epidemiological studies and microbiological risk assessments, as they are the principal perpetrators. Coliphages have been recommended as more trustworthy indicators when it comes to finding viruses in water sources, learn more about coliphages and the detection of viruses.

Cell Culture Media Replacements

By Emma Foster on Fri 05 August 2022

With Lonza discontinuing a broad range of their cell culture media and buffers, Lab Unlimited have found a solution to supply you with replacements for these products. These cell culture media products are available for immediate shipment and meet all the requirements for an easy change in your research.

Are Non-Sterile Drugs Free From Bacterial Contamination?

By Emma Foster on Thu 31 March 2022

Contamination of pharmaceutical products and medications by microbes poses a serious threat to patients' health. Aside from the direct impact on patients' health and safety, it's important to remember that removing pharmaceuticals from the market can harm the company's brand and reputation, resulting in a considerable reduction in profit and sales volume.

What Test is Required to Ensure the Quality of Sterile Product?

By Emma Foster on Wed 30 March 2022

We routinely devour eyedrops, injectables, and items that should meet the state of being sterile, yet how could this be accomplished?

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