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Mass Flow Controller for Bioreactors

Mass Flow Controller

Mass Flow Controller for Bioreactors

Flow Controller

The Alicat Mass Flow Controller is the first range in the world for bioreactors. The BIO Series has proven Mass Flow Performance for Bioprocess & Bioreactor Applications. The Mass Flow Controllers were specifically designed for professional engineers involved in the construction of bioreactors and upstream or downstream processes. They include features that are tailored specifically to meet the demands of the bioprocessing/biopharmaceutical industry.

The Mass Flow Controller offers the highest reliability in the industry, with communication protocols to integrate with an existing system. The experience Alicat has in process stages from benchtop R&D to GMP production of biologics and biosimilars allows robust solutions that scale up your development.

The BIO Series Mass Flow Controllers are reliable, resistant, adaptable, and compatible. They have a 316L stainless steel construction of flow bodies and elements. The units USP Class VI FDA-grade corrosion resistant elastomers prevent contamination in fragile bioreaction environments. Every unit is certified to be free of animal-derived components.

Main Features:

  • Wide range flow rates (from 1SCCM up to 5000SLPM)
  • Long-term measurement stability due to extremely low zero drift
  • Compatibility with multiple gasses eliminates unnecessary piping
  • FDA-grade elastomers prevent contamination
  • Backflow tolerance with zero calibration drift
  • 316L stainless steel for durability and stability, with a lifetime warranty
  • Ultra-fast 10ms response times
  • ‘Drive Display’ allows the user to monitor process reliability
  • Colour display for quick understanding of the status your processes are on
  • ‘Gas Select’ option to allow the mass flow controller to be used with CO2, O2, N2 and over 100 other gases without loss of precision or recalibration

Why You Should Choose Alicat for Your Mass Flow Control:

  • Receive quick calibration, quick servicing and answers
  • Reduced Flow Lines - due to the high controllable turndown with accuracy/repeatability 
  • Fewer potential points of failure, easier troubleshooting
  • Fewer required spares - due to high turndown & gas select which means less inventory
  • Lowest lifetime cost of ownership - reduced flow lines and fewer spares needed along with a lifetime warranty
  • Built-in display - simple training and troubleshooting and secondary checks on the systems health
  • Ability to handle backsplash - liquids will not harm your Alicat Flow Meter
  • Technical Specs - repeatability, accuracy, zero-drift strong 


The Alicat Mass Flow Controller can be used for optimising biologics and bioreactor production, high flow control for gasification and aerobic vs anaerobic wastewater treatment.

Customised to Your Needs:

There are a wide range of build options for the BIO Series such as IP66 ingression protection, process connections, protocols, and digital interfaces. This allows the mass flow controller to match nearly every imaginable bioreactor design. Download the Brochure and the Full Specification Sheet to see the options available.

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Mass Flow Controller for Bioreactors

Mass Flow Controller for Bioreactors

Alicat Bioreactor Mass Flow Controller 6-BIO-1CDBA-B
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