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Histofluid mounting medium

Histofluid is a water-clear adhesive of acrylic resins dissolved in xylene. It hardens fast and due to its optical properties suits perfectly well for embedding microscopic preparations. Shortly after having covered a preparation it can already be examined and filed. Histofluid may also be used to firmly lock and seal bottle caps.

  • long storing or temperature changes do not cause fissures or deformations in Histofluid layers
  • does not turn yellowish when being exposed to UV-radiation
  • does not fluoresce
  • does not form bubbles
  • even sensitive colorations are preserved due to its acid number = 0
  • refractive index of 1.5 (nD 20 °C) is adjusted to the microscope slide and cover glass
  • water-repellent and dissolves in, for example, xylene, acetone, chloroform, dioxan and toluol
  • can be stored in sealed bottles for an unlimited period
  • filled into special bottles designed for hazardous materials and bearing the UN code

Due to its solvent contents Histofluid is flammable and, therefore, considered as hazardous. So it has to be specially packed and shipped according to the international transport regulations. Before ordering please carefully check your country's import regulations and ensure a smooth transport according to the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Any cost that might arise additionally for documents, reloading, returns etc. will be at your expense.

Histofluid mounting medium

Histofluid mounting medium

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