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ProSolo Handheld Digital Water Meter

Rugged enough for the field, smart enough for the lab.

The ProSolo Digital handheld instrument is YSI’s most advanced optical dissolved oxygen field meter. It provides a user-friendly and convenient sampling experience in the field. Combined with the latest optical DO and temperature (ODO/T) probe, the ProSolo benefits from years of expertise in cutting-edge dissolved oxygen technology.

A rugged, waterproof case (IP-67 rated) and a military-spec (MS) cable connector make the ProSolo perfect for the demands of true field work. Rigorously drop tested from all angles, the meter features a 3-year warranty, while a 2-year warranty is included with the probe assembly and ODO Cap.


Main Features:

  • Ergonomic handheld for a comfortable grip
  • Easy-to-read colour display and backlit keypad
  • Large onboard memory with storage capacity for over 100,000 data sets
  • Site ID and Data ID tag capabilities for data organization
  • Data export directly to USB flash drive (included)
  • Single cable design for probe assembly lengths ranging from 1- to 100-meters
  • Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is user-replaceable
  • Simple and quick calibration procedures

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Should you like more information on the YSI ProSolo Digital handheld water meter please contact our Environmental Sales Specialist.

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ProSolo Advantages

Enhanced Versatility: Form a complete sampling system by connecting any ProDIGITAL integrated probe/cable assembly to the ProSolo meter. Probe assemblies are user-replaceable with cable lengths ranging from 1- to 100-meters.

ODO® Sensor Technology: Dissolved oxygen measurement technology has advanced from electrochemical sensors, such as polarographic and galvanic, to luminescent-based, optical sensors. As the YSI optical DO sensors are non-consumptive, there is no flow dependence or stirring required with ODO, allowing for the most accurate readings in the field, along with less drift over time which holds calibration longer and less maintenance (no membranes or electrolyte).

ProDIGITAL Smart Sensors: Enables sensors to be automatically recognised by the meter. Also, as DIGITAL sensors store calibration data, the probe assemblies can be swapped between instruments without the need for re-calibration.

EPA Approved Methodology: The optical BOD (OBOD) sensor uses EPA approved methodology for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD and CBOD, while ODO/T probe assemblies use EPA approved methodology for compliance reporting of Dissolved Oxygen.

Advanced Data Management: Includes KorDSS Software, a powerful data management program for easy 2-way communication between the meter and a PC. A unique data backup feature allows for the export of data to a USB flash drive (included) in csv format without having to connect to a computer.

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Should you like more information on the YSI ProSolo Digital handheld water meter please contact our Environmental Sales Specialist.

ProSolo Handheld Digital Water Meter

ProSolo Handheld Digital Water Meter

YSI ProSolo Handheld Digital Water Quality Meter 626650
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